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Samstag, 04.10.2014 | von: ms

Bob wird 85.

Unser amerikanisches Mitglied Bob feiert seinen 85. Geburtstag.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und bleib gesund.

(Quelle: Denny Brooks)

Bob ist Gründer des 100 Marathon Clubs North America und ist Organisator des Yakima River Canyon Marathons in Renton, Washington. Bei beiden Aufgaben unterstützt ihn seine Frau Lenore.

Highlights of Bob Dolphin’s Running Career

Although I ran track in high school in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I grew up and did some running for six years in the United States Marine Corps, I didn’t run again until 1980 when I was 50 years old and living in Columbia, Missouri. My first race was a 10K there in May of 1980, after which I joined the Columbia Track Club.  The next year on September 1, 1981, the club’s Heart of America Marathon was my first marathon in a time of 3:50.

I moved to Yakima, Washington, in August of 1984, joined the Hard Core Runners Club and continued participating in shorter races and adding numbers to my marathon total. When it was time to run my 100th, I returned to Columbia to run it on September. 2, 1991, ten years after my first marathon.

My wife Lenore accompanied me to London for marathon #200 on April 13, 1997. It was during this visit that I became the first American member of the 100 Marathon Club United Kingdom.

The Royal Victoria Marathon in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, had always been a favorite of mine, so it was exciting to be able to run marathon #300 at this race on October 13, 2002 In January of 2000 the Hard Core Runners Club asked Lenore and me to start a marathon for the club.  It was called the Yakima River Canyon Marathon (in Central Washington State), and March 31, 2001, was the date for this inaugural race.  It was also the day that Peter Graham, secretary of the 100 Marathon Club UK, asked us to start a 100 marathon club here. This date is the “birthday” of the 100 Marathon North America.

With careful planning, I was able to complete marathons #400 and #500 five years apart (March 31, 2007, and  March 31, 2012)  at our own Yakima River Canyon Marathon.

Listed below are some special events:

 Fastest Marathon - 3:00:12, Emerald City Marathon, Seattle, WA, April 10, 1988, age 58.

 Highest Marathon - Pike’s Peak Marathon, Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 1, 1984, 14,000’ elevation.

 Three Most Scenic Marathons – Yakima River Canyon Marathon  (Washington), Big Sur (California) and Crater Lake (Oregon).

 First Ultra Marathon –AMJA Ultra Marathon, Chicago, Illinois, October 10, 1982, 50 miles in 9:25 and 100K (62 Miles) in 13:01:36.

 Longest Ultra Marathon - Sri Chinmoy One Day Race, West Seattle, Washington, June 14, 1992, 101 miles in 23 hours on a ¼ mile track.

 Longest Walk – National 24-Hour Walk,  September 21, 1991, 75 miles on a quarter-mile loop/trail, in Columbia, Missouri.  Longest String of Yearly Marathons – Capital City Marathon, Olympia, Washington, 1986-2011.  Most Marathons in One Year - 24  Special Awards – Inspirational Award, 50 States & DC Marathon Group and Runner of the Quarter, Oregon Road Runners Club (after I set an age class 50 mile course record of 7:42:39 at the Champoeg State Park 50 K/50 Mile Race, Wilsonville, Oregon, on October 16, 1994).  Favorite First-Place Age Group Award – Two Dolphins Statuette from a Royal Victoria Marathon.

(1) Ran the Portland Marathon (Oregon) on October 4, 2009, My 80th Birthday! 
(2) Ran 11 Boston Marathons.
(3) Ran 12 Consecutive Marine Corps Marathons
(4) Completed the Boston to Big Sur Challenge in 2011… two marathons….six days in between and over 3,000 miles apart! 
(5) Walt Disney World’s Goofy Challenge on January 8, 2006.  On Saturday I ran the 5K Fun Run 30 minutes after I finished in 5th place of my age group in the Half Marathon. The next day I won my age group in the full marathon. I left this event with the Most Ever……FOUR finishers medals (5K, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy), 3 T-shirts (one for each race), a Half Marathon Plaque and one of my Most Favorite Awards…….a Mickey Mouse Statuette!!! 
(6) In 2007, at age 77, I ran 7 marathons in 7 consecutive weekends.

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